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Anna is a London-based composer and singer.


Recent commissions include works for the Royal Opera House, The Marian Consort, The Choir of St John's College, Cambridge, The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, The Corvus Consort, SANSARA, and the Wax Chandlers Guild. She has worked with a wide variety of artists including vocal consort Exaudi, clarinettist Vicky Wright of PlusMinus Ensemble, members of the London Symphony Orchestra, and solo accordionist Miloš Milivojević via Psappha’s ‘Composing for’ scheme. Anna's first opera was performed at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow in June 2019 and she has recently had work published in the Multitude of Voyces' SATB Anthems Anthology, which has been recorded by the BBC Singers.

 Anna's work is primarily engaged with her interests in music and gender, and explores processes of embodiment (both in performance and writing) as a way of subverting the classic mind vs body/masculine vs feminine dichotomy and she enjoys experimenting with the ways in which the things we see and feel can be communicated with sonic immediacy. As such, graphic and textual stimuli are central to her process, as is intuitive writing (often incorporating elements of improvisation) and collaborative relationships. Anna has worked with librettists Gareth Mattey, Susannah Pearse and Kaitlin Sullivan and is currently in rehearsals with physical theatre performer Emily Pahlawan Collinson, focusing on the intersections between sound and movement.

She also works as a freelance mezzo-soprano, singing with a variety of liturgical and concert groups across London, including SANSARA, Echo, The Corvus Consort, and Recordare, and is an alumna of Genesis 16 and the Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge.